The Vivacious 2013 Volt

If you are looking for a unique, inspiring, and all around amazing vehicle to purchase for the 2013 year, look no further than a 2013 Volt. There is no car model that offers the uniqueness of the Volt. Jet packed with amazing features, it should be the number one pick for any new car buyer in the market for a new vehicle. Coming in a wide variety of colors, there is a Volt for everyone, whether a classy black inspires you or a fiery red is more your style, the Volt has it all.

Boasting an amazing gas mileage, the afforability of this car is unmatched, making it a great opportunity for first time buyers or a more experienced buyer. Anyone will notice the lack of having to stop and get gas, allowing the option to be on-the-go without stopping at the local gas station. The money saved alone in gas will be encouragement enough that you made a solid purchase.

As far as the model of the vehicle, there is no comparison. As you drive down the road, you will see heads turn and people ask you about your car, saying how amazing and cool it looks driving down the highway. The futuristic angles of this vehicle are uniquely Chevrolet, and the body of the car is overly stylized to encourage consumers who are looking for something out of the ordinary yet resourceful and energy efficient.  Check it out at Stanford Allen Chevrolet!

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2013 Chevy Sonic: Great Step Up

The new 2013 Chevrolet Sonic is an excellent step up from the 2012 version. While there are not immense changes, the changes that Chevy did make are ideal for this vehicle.

They spiced up the interior so much so that it has been discussed in many leading magazines. The gauge cluster is one of the stars of the new interior as it is motorcycle inspired and unique-looking. The steering wheel is much thicker now and has a flat bottom. There are now sports seats and aluminum petals as well which gives the interior of the vehicle a far sportier look than the previous version.

In a performance sense, the 2013 Chevy Sonic handles better than previous models. The brakes allow the vehicle to come to stop more quickly and the 1.4 liter engine is turbo charged. It is able to go from zero to sixty in just over eight seconds. The suspension is also lower as well. The Sonic’s electric power steering remains as it was in the previous model and continues to be great for this car.

There are many options for a buyer interested in purchasing this vehicle. It is available in both sedan and hatchback as well as manual and automatic. All versions have front wheel drive, ABS, air conditioning, curtain air bags, and other excellent features that come standard.

The 2013 Sonic is a great choice for anyone looking for a sporty vehicle that is affordable and handles well.  Take one for a spin at Stanford Allen Chevrolet!

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2013 CTS Coupe: Redesigned With Luxury in Mind

The all-new 2013 CTS Coupe has been completely redesigned for the 2013 model year, and it brings some new features that will have potential buyers coming back to take a second look. It is a car that was made to be driven, and fine-tuned on the track with drivers in mind. If you want a car that combines both power and performance, the CTS Coupe is the car for you. It is a step above the rest when it comes to luxury cars.

If you have a chance to take this beauty for a test-drive, you will be amazed at the handling and power that the 3.6 liter direct injection engine provides. It can get up to 27 miles per gallon, and has an astounding 318 horsepower to take it around the block. With all wheel drive and an intelligent assist system, the CTS Coupe connects the driver with the road, and has exceptional handling that other luxury coupes cannot compete with.

The 2013 CTS Coupe is designed with the driver in mind, but it is also a luxury car, which has the best in luxury automotive accessories. For starters, it has push-button starting remote that adapts the climate in the vehicle so when you get in it; you are comfortable to start on the road. There is also a navigation system that is state-of-art, and will get you where you need to go.

If you are a lover of cars, and a driver, the 2013 CTS Coupe, with its clean lights and elegant interior, may just be the car for you.  Test drive one today at Stanford Allen Cadillac!

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The 2013 Luxurious SRX Crossover

The all new 2013 Cadillac SRX Crossover is here!  This luxurious crossover comes packed with beauty.  The Cadillac SRX accommodates up to five people.  The front seats are equipped with heated and ventilated seats.  You can control how warm you want the seat with three different settings and to cool off with one setting.  Enjoy pure entertainment in the rear seats with rear facing eight-inch screens that flip up whenever you want to enjoy a show.

The 2013 Cadillac SRX Crossover has the option for the Ultraview sunroof that makes your surroundings more spacious and less confined.  This sunroof expands from the front of the driver and passenger seats to the rear.  When the sunroof is opened or closed it will adjust the Bose surround sound as an added detail to this beautiful crossover.

The crossover comes loaded with storage.  In the trunk of the SRX there’s a large compartment to store items in.  As so in the front and rear doors.  Equipped in the dash is an eight-inch touch screen that controls audio, navigation, seat climate, weather and additional features.

You can get the SRX equipped with a safety seat that allows rear sensors to let you know of any on coming traffic or any objects that may be behind you.  This allows the car to let you know visually and audibly or through a pulse alert within the seat.

Considering an SRX?  Get yours at Stanford Allen Cadillac today!

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The Futuristic Volt

When looking to purchase or lease a new vehicle, it is essential to do research, compare and contrast different makes and models, and know what you are looking for in an automobile. One of the most interesting and intriguing models to date is the 2012 Chevrolet Volt. Beginning with styling, the futuristic lines of the Volt prove to be a stylish head-turner, and the unique shape will certainly have people talking, asking you what it is and how you like driving it. And as far as colors are concerned, the choices are many and each look impressive, whether going with a classic black or a vibrant red. As if the style weren’t enough, the features inside are enough for anyone to feel like they are wielding a robot of the future, but still carries with it ease of use for the more reluctantly technological driver.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing features of the Volt is its lack of dependence on gas. While some drivers are boasting of not going to the gas station well over 100 miles, the rest of the car world is fighting higher gas prices. There really is not a more technologically advanced vehicle that offers the styling and reliability that the Volt offers.

The Volt is a pioneer in the auto industry, being one of the first in it kind and hopefully not the last. Being in the same family as the Camaro, it has a command of the road that is characteristic of Chevrolet.  Take one for a spin at Stanford Allen Chevrolet!

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Traverse – A Great Crossover SUV

There is exciting news for people who want a great crossover SUV.  The 2012 Traverse is better then ever. It has a sporty look and yet drives like a minivan. The third seat folds up easily, so eight people can fit into this trendy car. It is perfect for soccer moms who want plenty of room for the whole team. The cargo area is roomy and no one has to leave luggage or gear out in order to make it all fit. Some of the new crossovers are small and the back seat is cramped, but this model is comfortable for teens and adults. One of the things that people like most is the fact that the back seat is easy to get into.

Safety is always important, and the Traverse scored well in every area when being tested. That is a good reason for families to keep this car in mind when looking for a well built safe automobile. The interior is very well done and comes in a variety of colors.

This is a great car for young families and senior adults. It is easy on gas and gets good reviews for both city and highway driving. This car is going to be seen all over the road again this year and it is easy to see why. Take a test drive today and see what everyone is talking about. It really is one of the best new crossover SUVs on the market.  Test drive one today at Stanford Allen Chevrolet!

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Innovation is On The Way with the All-New 2013 XTS

Are you ready for the all new XTS? 2013 is going to be a big year for Cadillac drivers and fans alike. When General Motors scrapped the DTS large sedan, you knew they would come back with a luxury car both beautiful and technologically sound. Probably even more so than, any other Cadillac to ever hit the streets. Technically classified as a premium-large car, you can expect plenty of passenger and cargo room on board. Also sporting front wheel drive equipped with 304-horsepower, 3.6 liter V6 6-speed automatic transmission, but it should be noted that all-wheel drive is available for Luxury, Premium, and Platinum owners.

Features on board include what would be considered modern day smartphone technology. Provided, sits an 8-inch touch screen with both gesture and voice recognition. An Apple iPad comes standard with the 2013 XTS, with the Cadillac User Experience app installed. The Cadillac User Experience or simply known as CUE is the all new infotainment system, giving drivers the ability to replicate their car dashboard on screen. Less buttons more control. Connect your Smartphone, Bluetooth, or other USB connected devices providing you possible entertainment and information at your fingertips.

All versions come standard with GM’s OnStar assistance, while Tri-zone automatic climate control is set for Premium and Platinum owners, duel-zone will be available for Base and Luxury drivers. Also included is, GM’s Magnetic Ride Control suspension, using sensors and special fluid for real time suspension dampening. How about your comfort and convenience? The 2013 XTS comes with leather seats, a leather wrapped steering wheel, auto climate control air conditioning, heated mirrors, power locks, illuminated vanity mirrors, and the list goes on.

The XTS is set to be innovation at its best with the marriage of both power and class.  Check it out for yourself at Stanford Allen Cadillac today!

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The Sonic Driving Effect

Driving the 2012 Sonic is a lot of fun and very affordable. The car is nimble, quick, and handles the road great. This makes it an awesome car for city driving. It handles like a sports car but without feeling every little bump in the road. With great gas mileage and a lot of spunk, the Sonic looks good, is dependable, and priced to take advantage of the competition.

The driver is equipped with a bucket seat where a wealth of information is available. From a low tire warning to an advanced audio system, the Sonic will impress you with the new technology. This not only makes a great first car for a teenager, it will also bring smiles to the baby boomer generation.

With a 1.8 liter engine putting out 138 horsepower, this vehicle will also do quite well on the highway. Using a 6 speed transmission, the engine is just above idle at highway speeds. Combined city and highway mileage is 29 miles per gallon, giving a range of over 350 miles. This is one car that will bypass the gas pumps many times during your weekly commute to work or school.

Driving the Sonic hard will still give decent mileage while giving you an exciting ride no matter where you are headed. From narrow city streets to 4 lane freeways, the new Sonic is at home no matter what road it is on.  Take one for a spin today at Stanford Allen Chevrolet!

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2013 Cadillac ATS: American Luxury

Cadillac brings visions of American automotive excellence in both spirited performance and sleek styling. The 2013 Cadillac ATS is a four door sports sedan that will appeal to the luxury oriented car driver thanks to the four athletic trim levels and a trio of distinct engine options.

The elegant cabin of the 2013 ATS is trimmed in beautiful hand-finished wood, brushed metal and carbon-fiber accents. All seats are wrapped in supple handcrafted leather for the ultimate in comfort. Standard features include dual-zone climate control, OnStar and power front seats. For audio entertainment a seven-speaker Bose surround system is standard. The available CUE infotainment system offers a touch screen to control communications, entertainment options and navigation control in one seamless interface.

The bold body style of the 2013 ATS floats on standard 17 inch alloy wheels with performance tires. The body flows smoothly from the wide-stance hood to the rear fascia with integrated dual exhaust. Both the aerodynamic design and the ZF electric steering system work seamlessly to increase fuel efficiency and reduce drag. The available vertical LED headlights and illuminated door handles increase visibility.

The advanced engine design combines incredible rear wheel drive performance with positive road handling. The ATS base 2.5 liter four cylinder engine kicks out 202 horsepower. The powerful 2.0 Turbo is a turbocharged 2.0 liter engine with four cylinders and 272 horsepower. The premium 2013 ATS engine is a 3.6 liter V6 with an impressive 321 horsepower. All engines are paired with a six-speed automatic transmission.

Be among the first to own an ATS!  Get yours today at Stanford Allen Cadillac!

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The Best of the Pony Cars: 2013 Chevy Camaro

Test drivers and reviewers love the Camaro because of its sleek appearance coupled with a robust performance, including nimble handling. The car comes with a 3.6 liter, V6 engine that will deliver 323 horsepower at an impressive 6,800 revolutions per minute. Along with this, it will give the driver 278 pound feet of torque. The Camaro comes with a standard six-speed manual transmission, though a six-speed automatic transmission is an option. The car with the automatic transmission can get 19 miles per gallon in the city and 30 miles per gallon on the highway, with the manual transmission getting a bit less.

Test drivers praised the Camaro for its ability to handle corners with a good grip, as well as its balanced suspension and excellent braking. Its tires, which are wider than those of most other muscle cars, also help increase its agility. It also has a lot of room in the front seat.

The Chevy Camaro also gets stellar grades for safety. The National Highway Safety Administration gives the car an overall five star rating, its highest. Its front, side and roller crash tests also received five out of five stars. The car also comes with driver air bag, side head and side air bags, emergency trunk release and four wheel ABS among other safety features. J.D. Power and Associates gave it a three out of five score for reliability. The car comes with a standard three year or 36,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Feel the power of the Camaro beneath your fingers today! Visit Stanford Allen Chevrolet for a test drive now!

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